How AI Based ChatBots Altered the World of Customer Satisfaction

Chatbots are poised to help developers improve brand loyalty and boost sales. Customer experience has become a central point of competition between companies that customers have access to a large amount of information about products and their alternatives. Businesses however, have access to many means of collecting any needed information about their customers. With so many alternative solutions, customers have made their interactive experiences a deciding factor to determine their brand loyalty. In the past the problem was the limited ways to improve customer experiences due to the lack of sophisticated analysis tools. Presently, big data and artificial intelligence have greatly enhanced customer experience by allowing businesses to analyze their customer data. These advancements have allowed businesses to achieve a higher level of of customer satisfaction.


Chatbots are automated programs that can simulate a human conversation over the internet. Primarily there are two types of chatbots, those that use Artificial Intelligence and those that are based on a multiple choice script. At AIHelp we design bots with AI capabilities with the idea that the use of natural language processing is vital to human communication within the context of providing direct and accurate answers to any and all queries the customer may have. In this way it is possible for the companies customer support team to respond to issues in bulk and reduce the time and effort in managing communications.These chatbots are deployed to make user experience more personalized, as such, our chatbots can help improve customer satisfaction by reducing the team response time, providing on demand access to support around the clock and give a sense of personal attention.

The ‘World Wide Web’ has broken boundaries such as time in the form of day and night as well as availability and unavailability and it has also changed customer expectations. Since online communities never sleep this is a vital reason to use them. They provide an interactive experience that make the customer feel as though they are working with someone to help resolve their issues. If programmed correctly, bots can help customers find what they are looking for and increase the probability of them returning.

Along side the web presence, it has also become increasingly important for companies to have a mobile presence through mobile apps and mobile optimized websites. Some would argue that they have a separate app for that, however, having users discover your app, download it and use it to stay engaged is a difficult task. In response we provide chatbots that work on the mobile browser or a messaging app which the user uses on a regular basis. This is all the more reason for your customers to be engaged with your brand and grow a more meaningful relationship.

Chatbot copy

AIhelp chatbots are designed with the latest of AI technology, and we push the definition of intelligent chat bots by making them understand each individual customer using our complex set of algorithms. Depending on a user’s preferences or purchases, it can send products to customers which are more likely to convert into sales. It can also send coupons for in store purchases, promotions and discounts. It could also directly send customers to your site/app directly so they may buy the product directly from the convenience of their phones.

The ability of our AI to analyze a vast amount of data collected within these chats means it can address where improvements need to be made in, for example, the operations of a call centre. Its predictive capabilities mean it can cut off potential problems before they arise, learning to detect the ‘distress’ signals and react accordingly. For example, if it appears someone is having problems with purchasing but is struggling looking for a solution, AIhelp can prompt a FAQ pop-up or a virtual assistant hatbox to resolve the issue. This type of intervention reduces cart-abandonment for retailers and helps prevent the customer service team from becoming overloaded. And of course, it increases customer satisfaction.


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