In-Game Support: Elex Tech Operational and Support Case Study

Customer satisfaction with a product can create long term benefits for firms including positive word-of-mouth, cross-buying, and customer loyalty. To lower customer defection rates and increase customer loyalty, both practitioners and academicians have acknowledged that customer satisfaction is a key element in any customer retention strategy

— Jeffrey D. James,

A powerful quote for those in the industry. Through many studies and proven statistics it is no longer arguable that customer satisfaction is not a direct conversion into long term success for any company supplying basically any product. In todays version of the gaming industry satisfaction of your customers may be broken down into several categories such as, user engagement, flexible and diverse language capabilities and ensuring around the clock support to your international user. Within the scope of this article, we will learn how Elex, and gaming giant, partnered with us at AIHelp has, month after month, been able to repeatedly break through the limits and reach newer heights of customer satisfaction.

Increasing User Engagement

With AIHelp, Elex experienced a large increase of user-engagement as they applied our in-app operations. This feature designed to manage the engagement of the entire application ecology and to closely monitor the performance of end-to-end in-app engagement within the operational environment. A truly centralized function that allowed them to send announcements to there players regarding special in-game events or store discounts/coupons, upcoming quests or activities as well as providing useful tips and strategies along the way.

Apps that utilize in-app messaging enjoy higher retention and app relaunch rates than those which don’t.’ — Rainmaker Labs (Asia Pacific’s leading mobile consultancy and enterprise mobile app developer.)

Expanding Elex’s Language Capabilities


As Elex grew, its customer base grew in comparison. With a loyal following that goes across continents, Elex quickly understood the importance of being able to efficiently communicating with its overseas clients in the language they prefer. Enter AIHelp’s Insight. Insight is dedicated on providing information on various aspects of the users data, and tries to bring the best practice data analysis to help you manage conversations with leads and customers at scale. Part of its support comes in the form of translation. Over 40 languages are supported by AIhelp’s translate function including, English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, German etc. This function also extends to In-App Notifications so that their onboard users can enjoy this form of customer service without even asking for it.

Dozens of developers who have localized the descriptions of their app keep asking for more languages.

– Daniele Patrioli , Marketing VP -Translated

Increasing Customer Support Response Time


Elex has set the standard for Chinese companies wanting to play on the international field. As a unavoidable result, Elex also must keep a high standard of customer satisfaction and a quick response to when a customer needs an issue resolved. In order to streamline and quicken the service. Imagine your user is locked our of his/her account and tries to contact the customer support team to solve this problem, the agents in your team may need more than 30 minutes to check review and ask the user to provide some info about his/her account to come up with result that may not even be in the users favour. However, by applying our Smart Auto Check Forum Elex recorded a record drop in customer support response time. This forum is completely customizable and intelligent in the sense that it can instantly check the users issue and get feedback immediately without the need of the support team to get involved.

Illustrated below you can see how AIHelp how dramatically enhanced response capabilities that are proven to be a direct result to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with the curvature of response time displaying a steady average, it can also be observed sudden spikes occur as a result of the aforementioned function.

Elex Time Resolving

Monitoring their hundreds of thousands of users’ remarks and feedback was causing an issue of allocating resources. But with such valuable information just waiting to be analyzed and assessed, it was worth dedicating their teams resources to individually check each platform and reply accordingly. However, now armed with AIHelps’ ‘User Ranking and Review’ function, users’ may review your app without the inconvenience of leaving your app. In addition it is also possible, through the backend of the AIHelp platform, to review the feedback and comments of users like a central hub of information that gives you the ability to respond in as quick a manner as possible. An important skill that adds to this companies credibility and its high value of care shown to their users’

User Satisfaction

It becomes undisputed that Elex’s rise and maintenance of its “top spot” can be related to a number of well planned a properly executed set of operations that range from methods to increase user engagement, promote diversity with language options, provide around the clock customer support via ‘chat bots’, decrease response efforts and much more. What these have in common is that it all goes back to your users satisfaction rates. AIhelp, months after months, has supported our partners over at Elex to break their past quotas and more forward into a new age of customer support. An age where we are only as limited as we think we are. AIHelp strives and pushes to break those limits and push forward into a revolutionized age

The lower your first response time, the more satisfied your customers will be. But if customers have to wait around for you to respond, they’re not going to be so happy. It’s common sense.”

– Collin Burke, The Insight Squared Writer & Editor

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