AIHelp announced significant updates to its platform to align with a new compliance of GDPR.

With the GDPR looming, it is a major concern for many companies. AIHelp has always considered data protection as a central point within its internal practices and ambitions, as of this moment, they comply with the current EU data protection law, “Directive 95/46/EC”, and will continue to further provide immense support to their clients by adhering with the up-coming GDPR standards to ensure the highest levels of support to their clients. They are already ahead of schedule as the GDPR preparations are well underway and are currently being phased into their current standards and are supported by the best of operation and technical teams.
Where AIHelp provides services to their EU partners as a data processor on their behalf, they must ensure that they begin to comply with the specific requirements for data processors under this regulation. This means that, wherever appropriate, they will find it necessary to revise any contractual obligations to satisfy their partners needs as well as by providing as seamless a transition as possible in complying with the GDPR

New GDPR Compliance

To make transitioning for their partners a smooth experience and to adhere to the GDPR code of operations, AIHelp will support the required operational measures, tools and processes in as a seamless method as possible. For instance, AIHelp will offer a function that will allow our partners to easily remove any and all support issues, user information and personal data of us-ers who request it to be removed, as per the individual rights of those regarded within the GDPR code of operations.
Further more, AIHelp has allocated its resources into weighing and measuring, discussing and assessing the best methods to enhance all our features as to offer our partners the same high quality care and support that AIHelp has always aimed and strived for.

Our team has always put security and privacy at the helm of all our initiatives, it is now time to test our imagination and experience to further expand our capabilities as to continue to supply the highest quality of support to our partners” — Ebrahim Al-Hussam Head of International Market, quoted in annual strategy meeting

The AIhelp platform was designed and built with top of the line Artificial Intelligence technology that along side their Machine Learning programmability, used and programmed specifically for handling powerful cloud-based analytics, create the perfect parameters to ensure the absolute highest levels of professional support and operations. This makes it easier for developers to make smarter decisions, solve customer issues instantaneously and makes sense of massive and sometimes chaotic amounts of data.

Both of the Mobile and Web versions of AIHelps features are supported by a range sophisti-cated Artificially Intelligent systems with further support from our Machine Learning that deals with powerful cloud-based analytics. This will inadvertently include many built-in packages such as In-App Messaging, AI Chat Bots, In-App operation, Push Notification, Smart Auto-Form and more.

Here at AIHelp we always expand and evolve ourselves with or without outside influences. This keeps us fluid and ready to handle issues that require a little imagination and key intellect to pursue. We strive for the best and settle for no less in order to maintain and build on our reputa-tion of providing preeminent support services as well as helping our partners break records in their own right.” — Jialin, CTO – Annual Meeting



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