We are making Customer Support -Legendary.

Communication, collaboration, relationship skills, influencing to stay loyal- these are just some of the attributes to drive better engagement with CX. In the game industry the words “Customer Experience” – is one of the point of success. For example, Online gaming economy relies heavily on attracting and retaining players, a growing player base requires happy players. To AIHelp opinion – customer service should be a given. Customer service becomes another battlefield for winning over players. Today, customers can easily switch their loyalty to a competitor while also letting everyone know about how unhappy they are — getting customer experience right is rapidly becoming a means to differentiation in the market. Our developers advising to customize customer support to match the needs of the different types of players.
By improving customer service interaction, AIHelp has been working on the well-developed and customizable support solution, using Machine Learning for powerful cloud-based analytics. The solution to improve your customer experience, loyalty, brand reputation and to drive higher rankings.

Doing some researches, about new report by App Annie and IDC, they said mobile gaming has increased its share of the worldwide gaming market, within its customer support gets along: happy player – loyal player.
As a business goes higher, companies always have problems with customer service. In general, clients wait for a response for too long or even don’t get one. This leads to negative reviews and dissatisfied customers. And here AIHelp coming handy, as you know customer satisfaction is increasing, therefor developers created smart Chatbots, which successfully serve their clients.
For example, The online gaming is 24/7.Our Chatbots present an opportunity to interact with customers round the clock, reducing the need for support staff of the human variety. Chatbots can help the gaming industry to lower player support costs and speed up resolution times.

By offering professional customer service, our developers prevent players who experience problems – be they technical, payment, or game-related – from simply leaving the game. Instead, that player can find a solution to the problem and then continue playing the game, recommending the game to friends. Every touch point with a player is an opportunity to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
AIHelp definitely believes in that, and continue creating the magic in our company. As a credo, I will add: “Make Your Customer Service A Seamless Experience. You Know Your Customer Is Depending On You.”



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