AIHelp provides intelligent customer service SaaS (Software as a service) solutions to the game industry. The company works with many top gaming companies like Tencent and ELEX to provide AI customer service. World famous games like Mobile Legends and Clash of Kings have already used AIHelp.

For any game to be successful among the gamers, it is vital that the game companies connect with the gamers in the right manner and provide ceaseless user service. The game companies can create an amazing game but if they’re not able to resolve the gamer’s inquiries with high quality, they will lose a number of gamers.

To resolve the above issues, AIHelp offers a complete SaaS solution which provides in-app instant messaging and AI Chatbot that contains features as below.

In-app chat. Gamers can message you within the app without leaving.
Global Localized. Global gamers can enjoy the service in their native language by FAQs, AI Robot, Manual support, VIP care, Operation Module and QA community in over 30 languages.
Multi-Channel Support. Gamers can connect game companies via mobile apps, Facebook Fan Page, Google Review, Email, Web and other channels.
AI-Powered Chatbot. When gamers input questions, Chatbot can quickly reply based on powerful machine learning and deep learning technology.
Form and Automation. Gamers can submit relevant information about an issue using a single form customized by the company, and the form can also be auto-scrutinized by script interfaces with companies’ data or system. Fast information-collecting and problem-solving bring gamers a better service experience.
CRM with in-app push notifications. Proactively reaching gamers is key to companies in customer care. In-app push notification allows companies to connect with specific gamer to provide on-time service and care, thus increases revenue.
Proactive Alerts. Important problems related to servers, payments, accounts could be monitored well and informed to companies in time by emails.
Q&A Community. In-app game community allows gamers to help others with points incentives, increases games’ activeness while easily managed under customized rules.
Points-driven incentive mechanism. Points-driven incentive mechanism provides an efficient and measurable way to evaluate customer service. Anyone who handles tickets or contributes to the QA community with good feedback can gain more Points based on the customized rules.
Slack Incoming-Webhook Notification. VIP players’ inquiries and specific topics about payments, account or others can be notified to slack channels of companies with no delay.

Evidently, AIHelp is heading towards becoming one of the most trustworthy SaaS providers in the game industry.


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